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   1. Company Profile

  • History
    Bentley & Remington (P) Ltd was incorporated in the year 1984. Over the years, intensive development work enabled us to significantly improve and reinforce our position in the field of pharmaceuticals. Soon, We added a second production facility for Tablets and Capsules. With growing demand, Bentley & Remington installed a third manufacturing plant. At present we have the largest tablet punching & coating facility in Karnataka ( INDIA ), with a full fledged Quality Control Lab & Quality Assurance Department.

  • Our Certifications and accredations
    Bentley acquired the status of being an ISO certified company in the year 1999 - 2000. Bentley was one of the first industries to get an ISO 9000 series certification in Karnataka for which the Chairman - Mr. Vasant Ranka received an award from Canara bank and a certificate of appreciation.
    In the year 2003-04, Bentley & Remington graduated to ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
    Apart from the above, Bentley also complies with the WHO GMP (good manufacturing practices) norms and the Schedule - M norms.

  • Technological Superiority
    In the first two decades after inception, continuous and relentless advancement efforts put Bentley at a new height. Soon Bentley soon gained a Quality Manufacturer status in the Indian Market. Over the years, we joined hand with the best of the best in the field of Pharmaceutical Rawmaterial, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Laboratory Equipment and with the best Technocrats. We have got the one of the best Air handling unit in whole of Karnataka. Our people are constantly being upgraded with the latest trends and the latest breakthroughs in the Pharma Industry. The Technical Know-how of our people is the best in the industry. All this - so that we can deliver a pure product to our end customer.

  • Manufacturing alliances
    We tied up other multinationals for manufacturing their products. This is a good example of - Quality Seeks Quality. There is no need of words to explain why they came to us to manufacture their products. Its simply trust. Trust in our Quality Procedures and in our People.

   2. Our Vision

We aspire to be the leader in the global market with global well being as our ultimate goal.

   3. Our Quality Policy

Mother Nature created your body to be the best machine ever built. It simply works every microsecond of your life. Our job at Bentley is to see that it stays that way.
When it comes to the health of human beings, the highest quality is the most crucial factor. All of our business partners and customers - whether patients, doctors, pharmacists, retailers or partners in the industry - can put their trust in Bentley: we apply only the strictest quality standards to our work and our products. Our quality system is based not only on our scientific expertise in relation to our products and processes, but also - and in particular - on international standards. The result: consistently high product quality, which benefits all of our customers. All of our state-of-the-art production plants therefore comply with international quality standards. We have created the strictest Quality norms and procedures to ensure that the product is of 100% Quality till it is consumed. And to ensure this, our quality checks begin right from the supplier level. Materials are sourced only from pre-approved suppliers who are obsessed with Quality like us. Our Laboratories are completely equipped with the most sophisticated instruments to ensure that the raw material and the finished product are thoroughly checked.
The state of the art AHU (air handling unit) installed in all our facilities ensures that the microbial count is to the barest minimum. The air particle size is reduced to 3 microns through the use of multiple layers of filters which further ensures that the purest atmosphere is maintained in the production area. Moreover, regular quality audits and checks help us maintain a steady supply of Quality products in the global markets.
To summarize, our Quality policy states: "To achieve and maintain excellence in the Quality Business trough customer satisfaction and strive for continual quality improvement"

   4. Our Strengths

  • Our People
    Any organization is what its people are. The same applies to Bentley as well. A globally operating company like Bentley is active with more than 250 or more people of diverse backgrounds, but globally shared values as well. Every single day, all of our employees expand their personal horizons, and thus our common pool of experience. Every day, all of our employees make their indispensable contribution to bringing our company and our products forward. Idea swapping and innovation are routine in Bentley. We are as stringent and selective with selecting people to work for us as we are with selecting our suppliers. Simply because we are obsessed with Quality - Quality of our people as well. Because the individual is the standard by which we measure ourselves, especially where quality is at stake. You can be rest assured that the individuals at Bentley are of the highest caliber and the best in the field.

  • Our partners in our Vision: Our Suppliers & Our Customers.
    We like to call our Suppliers and Customers our partners in our Vision. As it is true for any business, we are just mere converters of one form of raw material to another form. Like us, both our Suppliers and Customers are highly Quality conscious. They have to be. After all we are dealing with the health of mankind. Thanks to our wide base of global customers, who do not tolerate even the minutest shortfall in quality. It is because of our customers steady and continuous support that we are today one of the fastest growing company globally. To supply quality medicines, we need quality raw materials.
    Thanks to our suppliers, they have lived up to our demands in quality and servicing standards. They form an integral part of our core strength.

  • Our Brand Values
    Global presence and innovation are Bentley's brand values. Our brands like ACTION COLD, MUCOCID and ICIN PLUS have created a niche market for themselves over the years. And so has the name 'Bentley'. After two decades of presence in the market, 'Bentley' has become synonymous with 'Quality' with the medical fraternity, chemists and our consumers. It is their trust in us that has made us a brand leader.

  • Speed and Efficiency
    Thanks to our specialized production expertise, we are able to offer a broad & competitive range of Medicines, and are successful in combining quality with a high degree of customer orientation. In the process of development, production and retailing in the global market, speed is of the essence. Yet speed should never be at the expense of quality. It's just good to know that we can claim advantages where it matters - the time factor. Our strengths include our experience and our ability to implement laboratory results swiftly in the production field. This gives us greater flexibility with our pricing and means that we can provide doctors and patients with high-quality medicines at affordable prices. Just for records sake, We have the largest Tablet Punching and Tablet Film Coating Facility in South India.. In a world of ever-increasing complexity, quality is a question of trust. You are in safe hands with Bentley.

   5. Our Commitment to Nature & Mankind

We take full care to ensure that nature is left better than we found it. We are one of the few companies to have installed a fully functional ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant). We have our own captive power generation capability which in-turn helps in conserving the natural resources elsewhere. Our production facilities are deliberately covered all around with lush green trees to create an ambient atmosphere and more importantly - purify the air and generate the much needed oxygen. And, of course, all of our employees should enjoy and commit a fair share towards the ecological and social aspect. It is our firm conviction that we, as a company, have a social duty to perform. Firstly, of course, on the practical level by supplying inexpensive and high-quality generics that we make available wherever they are needed. Secondly, every day and with every new product, we assume responsibility at the social, ethical and ecological levels. Our goal is to set new standards for everything that we develop. We measure our success against the trust that our customers place in us worldwide.